About Us: 

Self-sufficiency has been a mindset in our family that has been passed down from generation to generation. We want to keep our lives as close to nature and the way God created it as possible. We have always been farm people. I remember as a young child my grandpa's chickens, cows, and butchering day. 

As I grew older, my parents had a milk cow and sold milk, butter, and buttermilk. My daddy raised bees and sold honey. We always had a large vegetable garden and even made our own maple syrup. Now, I am a grandmother of five. Our family continues to strive for a self- sufficient holistic lifestyle. When we discovered that goat's milk is closest to mother's milk and much healthier than commercial milk, our family got our first goats in the Fall of 2004 to have milk for my grandchildren. 

On the farm in Mannington, West Virginia, my daughter and her family milk and tend to the goats. In 2008, my daughter and I researched the craft of soap making and made our first soap. Our all-natural goat's milk soap is a logical extension of our holistic lifestyle and has been well received by family and friends. Expansion into the West Virginia craft market has been a welcome addition to our farm activity.